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Welcome to Spice by Chris Salans

Spice by Chris Salans offers an affordable experience of the culinary genius of Chris Salans, the founder of Mozaic restaurant, which applies French techniques to Indonesian ingredients in its cuisine and amazing cocktails.



Indonesian Independence Day Menu at Spice by Chris Salans

During the week 13 to 19 August, Spice by Chris Salans will offer a festive Indonesian Independence Day menu for Rp220,000++ with a Merah Putih cocktail, Modern Asinan Bogor salad, Ayam Kremesan Betawi, and Es Merdeka dessert. Come with your friends and family with fireworks in your heart!

USA Independence Day Menu at Spice by Chris Salans

Spice by Chris Salans in Ubud will be celebrating American Independence Day from July 2nd to July 8th, with a special all-day holiday menu that will remind you of the 4th of July in the USA heartland. Come with your friends and family with fireworks in your heart!


Idul Fitri at Spice by Chris Salans

Spice will also be presenting a special menu offering a modern interpretation of traditional Indonesian cuisine for the end of the Ramadan celebration of Idul Fitri. This special menu will be available all day long on June 15th and 16th. Whether you are on your own or with a large family, celebrating Idul Fitri at Spice will be fun and yummy.

Breaking-Fast Menu at Spice during Ramadan

It is time for the month of Ramadan and fasting. Spice is happy to welcome you for a special BREAKING FAST menu from May  15 until June 14 every day from 5.30pm until 7.30pm for those who wish to break the fast with a fun twist on a traditional breaking-fast menu.


Dharma Celebration from May 28th til June 3rd

To celebrate the upcoming Waisak day and Galungan celebrations Spice will be offering a special Balinese megibung menu to be shared with friends and family. Traditionally from the area of Karangasem, megibung is a Balinese celebration by which people come together and share a big meal.

Brand New BEST SELLERS Tasting Menu

Spice by Chris Salans has prepared a special 4 course menu of its BEST SELLERS just for you. 4 courses for just Rp195,000.  A great way to discover Spice’s all time favourites


Kids at Spice

Children who love breaded fishes and chicken nuggets now have a place to dine. Bring your kids to Spice by Chris Salans! They can now choose from a selection of kids favourites. They can also colour the menu, too!