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Spice by Chris Salans offers an affordable experience of the culinary genius of Chris Salans, the founder of Mozaic restaurant, which applies French cooking techniques to Indonesian ingredients. This approach has become an influential movement, propelling Chef Salans to celebrity in Southeast Asia and beyond. Chris Salans is Bali’s acclaimed culinary ambassador having received multiple international awards and having brought the culinary spotlight to the island of Bali for 20 years now and going.

At Spice, all ingredients are locally sourced, with an emphasis on the surprising flavors and healing properties of Indonesia’s aromatic roots, herbs, and spices. The cuisine joyfully combines the humble and the precious, as in Slipper lobster with curry-leaf butter and tempé, or Snapper carpaccio with tamarind croutons and rujak.

Properly described as a gastro-bar, Spice by Chris Salans excels at innovative cocktails built around fresh ingredients, whole spices, and fine imported spirits. Here the chef and the mixologist collaborate closely and are happy to design bespoke cocktails that pair ingeniously with a particular dish. There is also a good selection of wines. All this, and the smart attentive service, makes Spice a favored hangout for hipsters and foodies.

And Spice by Chris Salans is comfortable. The interiors are always air-conditioned. Choose to sit at the bar counter that faces the open kitchen, watching an interactive culinary theatre, with the chef and his team at work putting on a show preparing every bite of food. Or opt to sit down at your private table in the dining room whilst watching the street life passing by through massive glass windows.

We welcome you to an eclectic culinary adventure of taste, touch, smell, sound and sight, where the barrier between guests and chefs fades……..

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